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His guidance contributed to my finding my new job. (Thank you! Thank you!)

Ronni Jones

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Did you know that the wrong resume format or even the wrong font could cause your resume to never be seen?


Did you know that many recruiters only use LinkedIn to look for new applicants? Learn how to make an All-Star profile that shows up more often and ranks higher in searches

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

Did you know that most employers now use Applicant Tracking Systems to filter out unqualified applicants? Because of that, 75% of resumes are never seen by a human being. Learn how to get past the 'bots.

Age-friendly Careers

Did you know that some careers actually prefer mature workers?

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The Steps to Overcome Ageism and Get Hired

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I was laid off several years ago, but at the time, was not worried at first because I used to get recruiters calling me all the time. However, I soon learned the hard way. Recruiters who used to call me all the time suddenly would not return my calls. I did not know better, so my resume had every job I ever had, making it very easy to calculate my age. I could not figure out what was going on until I saw an article that said if you are over 50 you will never work again. Luckily I got back to work and now work in a position where I can help others. Over the last several years I have helped hundreds of unemployed people get back to work. If you are unemployed, you might qualify for a grant that will pay for you to get trained, certified and placed in your field.

Dewey McGuirk

Clients say

Mr. McGuirk was very instrumental in helping me determine my educational path. I gave him my list of career and training objectives. He charted my options and identified advantages for each course available. He also explained career potential for each class. His guidance contributed to my finding my new job. (Thank you! Thank you!)

Ronni Jones

I met Dewey at a job fair. He told me about the PMP program and grants available in the area. I have thought about attaining my PMP in the past with professional and volunteer projects. Dewey was a great coach. He knew what skills were needed in the market and the best classes to take. He even let me know the best instructors to ensure my success. The PMP training is one of the best training that I received. I would recommend New Horizons for the WIOA program for job seekers. Dewey knows the WIOA program and what classes qualify.

Jennifer Smith

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